Who I am and why I’m here

I am Saxon Emil Sitka. My father was Emil Sitka and if you are a Three Stooges fan, you probably recognize his name. He appeared in dozens of Three Stooges short comedies and feature films, always playing different roles such as a butler, a lawyer, a rich uncle, an old landlord, or a professor. He worked with them so many times he has been called The Fourth Stooge. He also worked with all four different line-ups of the Three Stooges and almost joined the team himself.

Late in his life, my father was contacted by Three Stooges fans on a regular basis who wanted to know more about the famous comedy trio. He told many tales of what they were like, both on and off the set. Many fans implored him to write a book of stories about his experiences with the Stooges so he began to write them down. Unfortunately, he passed away before he ever got anything published. All his material was handed down to me, and I am going to try to finish what he started.

This blog will be a record of my efforts.